Acne can be very complicated but sometimes, treating it can be very easy, have you tried everything and it still didn’t work?well, there are some effective and simple household remedies you can use.
Below are everyday things that come handy in treating acne.
Medicated Balm: “Every house has at least one of these, the idea is not to rub your face down with the balm –careful, it has a comedogenic, petroleum jelly base–but to apply a small amount on the trouble-causing pimple to bring down the inflammation. The ones meant for cold seems to work the best but ensure it has eucalyptus”.

Aloe vera plant: “The sap of the aloe vera plant is great for your skin if you have mild breakouts, the gooey juice of the plant has an anti-acne effect and can treat scars and since the sap is transparent, you could apply it on your skin and go about with your chores, no one will suspect you have something slathered on your skin”.

Green tea bags: “Not the fresh ones, but the used ones, green tea is not only good for sipping but also good for stopping inflammation so don’t throw the bags away after use, chill them in the fridge and rub your face with it before you go to sleep and place a cold tea bag on an inflamed pimple to soothe it”.
Aspirin: “Crushed aspirin tablets make for a good face pack, the chemical acetylsalicylic acid can help reduce pore size and calm an angry pimple or you can also use the granule-y powder as a face scrub”.
Honey: “Worried about a new spot on your face?a single drop of honey is all you need, leave it on the spot for half an hour and wash it off, honey contains powerful antibacterial qualities that can zap p acnes, the bacteria that causes acne”.

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