There are so many things that expose one to cancer everywhere but one will rarely think that some things in one’s home can actually give one cancer. There are some of the items which we use in our daily life and these items are our household items, and it is very horrifying to know that these items can cause cancer.
Below are some things one can rarely do without at home that can cause cancer.
Your cleaning products: “Cleaning products like detergent and disinfectants, which are used daily in homes, contain chemicals like alkyl phenols, triclosan and tetrachloroethylene, these chemicals affect the endocrine system, creating hormonal imbalances and these chemicals have also been linked to different types of cancers like that of the br3ast and the prostate”.
Canned food: “Cans used for packaging foods are lined with BisPhenol A, which is a thin plastic layer; BPA is associated with hormonal imbalances and can trigger hormone-dependent tumours such as br3ast cancer and prostate cancer and BPA is also associated with male and female infertility and cause various disorders like Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome”.
Your fruits and vegetables: “There’s no way one can know where the fruits and vegetables one eat, grow, plus, insecticides, pesticides and chemical fertilisers are used excessively to prevent rotting or to improve the yield but chemical pesticides like DDT and nitrate and phosphate fertilisers, which are commonly used, have been linked to increase incidence of cancer, it is believed that going organic can reduce the incidence of cancer”.
Your cookware: “Non-stick pans and utensils have become very common nowadays but, non-stick pans have a coating of Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (PTFE) that emits toxic fumes when heated to high temperatures and according to research when this eroded coating is ingested, it isn’t expelled quickly from the body, the coating is supposedly cancerous and the fumes are dangerous for pregnant women and people with suppressed immunity”.
Your cosmetics: “Your everyday personal care products such as talc, body lotions, cosmetics like lipsticks and their kind, deodorants and perspirants all contain chemicals like phthalates, triclosan, parabens all of which are endocrine disrupting chemicals and have been linked with cancer”.
Your Microwave: “It is believed that long-term exposure to microwave radiation can trigger cancer”.

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