It is no news that chemical bleaching can lead to serious skin and health conditions which are very disastrous to the health. A healthy skin is not something anyone wants to play with or sacrifice and in a failed bid to enhance skin beauty, so many People have ended up falling victim of deadly diseases that not only leave their skin worse but even jeopardize their lives.
If you are still doubting the dangers of bleaching your skin, below are some effect of skin bleaching you need to be mindful of.
Skin cancer: “When you bleach your black skin colour, you lose the privilege of your melanin protection and consequently expose yourself to skin cancer and the mercury content of many bleaching creams has also been shown to be carcinogenic”.

Premature ageing: “Hydroquinone and mercury-containing skin products work by blocking melanin production by the basal layer of the epidermis of the skin, since melanin is the pigment responsible for the dark colour of the skin, such skin becomes lighter but with prolonged use and these chemicals react with ultraviolet rays, become oxidized and then cause an ugly pigmentation on the skin”.
Internal organ damage: “Continuous use of those skin-lightening creams may not be in the best interest of your internal organs especially your kidneys, liver and brain”.
Skin injuries: “It is a well-known fact that many of the available skin lighteners contain steroids, the prolonged use of which hampers skin health and leads to skin atrophy, a condition in which skin thickness is appreciably reduced and as such light-skinned individuals are more prone to skin injuries such as bruises, abrasions and cuts”.

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