“You’d like to think you’re in good hands when you visit the hair or nail salon. But even the fanciest spa can leave you with an infection if staffers aren’t scrupulous about cleanliness”.
Going to the salon and beauty parlour procedure can put one at a risk of certain diseases and infections and things like happens when the places you go fail to comply with professional hygiene standards and safety protocols.
Without better hygienic practices, you can pick different infections at a beauty salon because there is always a potential for transmission of blood-borne bacterial, fungal and mostly viral infection which can severely affect your health.
Below are some infections you can easily pick from the salon and beauty parlours.
Warts: “They are the commonest salon acquired infection and can appear as growths anywhere on the body but it mainly happens on the face, fingers and the treated area”.
Acne: “Pimples and acne-like break outs are common after facials, waxing, threading as well as massages, this is a bacterial infection of the skin that can be treated with topical antibiotic gels”.
Rashes: “They can be infective, temporary or just inflammatory, you could experience itching, redness, boils, peeling of skin and even swelling of the area, accompanied by fever”.

Dryness: “Excess use of steam, facial packs or bleach, can rob your skin of moisturizers and lead to dry skin, remember that an extremely dry skin can be a haven for various bacteria and fungi to give you an infection”.
Herpes: “Herpes or shingles that manifest as painful water filled blisters, usually in a linear distribution, is a viral infection that can spread while sharing instruments, towels, razors, etc”.

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