tyling natural hair at times can be a little bit difficult especially when you don’t know what style to pack your hair into. Today, we have 5 different pictorial protective styles for our naturalist sisters in the house.
So kick start the new week the best way, with great hair and turn hairs.
Low twist plus side bun: Starting in the front, begin twisting hair, twist around the back to the other side and secure the remaining hair with a hair tie then pin your ponytail into a bun.
Halo twist: Use a comb to create a curved part, create a flat-twist on one side repeat on the other side and twist both ends then use your hands to cross the twists and secure with a hair pin.
Double bang French twist: Part a section for a bang and tie the rest into a low ponytail, use your fingers to roll half of your bang into a victory roll and grab the other half and roll it on top of your victory roll, use a few hair pins to secure. Take your ponytail down and use your fingers to twist upwards and secure with hair pins, use several hair pins to secure the remaining hair at the top then use your fingers to lift any extra hairs and secure with a hair pin and you are done.
High bun twist: Place your hair into a high ponytail off to the side, take small sections of hair in your ponytail and create 4 chunky twists then grab the tail end of the twists, scrunch them down and secure with a hair pin.

Fat twist bob: Create several chunky twists, use a hair pin to secure one side repeat with the other side then lift the hair in the back and roll upwards, tucking your ends into the twists and securing with a hair pin.

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