Taking care of an oily skin can be a little bit difficult as the care routine requires a lot of learning, trying and failing and it can also take months of trial and error to figure out what exactly works for one’s skin type and what does not work. According to research, below are the worst oily skin mistakes you could be making all in the name of skin care so make sure these are not a part of your skincare routine and if they are stop them.
Cleansing the face vigorously: “After a long day at work and travel, there can be nothing like cleansing all the oil, dirt and grime from the face but cleansing your face vigorously with drying products can strip the natural oil from your skin, leaving your skin dry and irritable”.

Treating oiliness: “Just because you have an oily T-zone does not mean that you have to treat your entire face for oiliness, your face could be a combination of many skin types. Identify which parts of your face are dry and need a moisturising treatment”.

Not moisturising: “Just because your skin is oily, does not mean that you will not need to moisturise your skin, when you do not moisturise your skin, your skin tries to compensate for the dryness by producing even more oil”.
Washing face many times a day: “You might think that you need to wash your face several times a day to reduce oiliness but washing your face several times a day can strip away the natural oils, so it is best that you just stick to blotting the oil from your skin”.

Using too many skincare products: “You must avoid overusing any skincare products, avoid changing the products too often and do not use a cleanser more than twice a day”.

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