While one’s genetics determines the oiliness of one’s skin, there are other factors that can also lead to an increase in oil production of the skin. So if your face becomes too oily all of a sudden, the below-listed reasons could be the cause.
Menstrual cycle: “Every month when you when your body goes through the regular cycle of hormone production, the fluctuation in hormonal levels can stimulate your oil glands and make your skin oily”.

Stress: “Both physical and emotional stress can increase the production of oil from your oil glands so yoga and meditation can help you beat oily skin by helping you manage stress”.
Weather: “While your sweat gland activity does not change much from season to season but in the warmer and more humid climate, your face can indeed become oilier”.
Puberty: “During puberty, the fluctuating hormones can result in an increase in androgen levels that can make your skin oily, the increase in androgen signals the maturation of the skin’s sebaceous glands, and as the gland matures, the skin becomes oily”.

Makeup: “Makeup can be a great tool for covering oil and breakout, but heavy makeup can make your skin oily at the same time, when buying cosmetic products, opt for oil-free and non-comedogenic makeup”.

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