The wedding day is one of the most special days in one’s life but that does not mean that one has to go bankrupt while trying to that dreamed wedding of yours. You can have that dream wedding within the budget you have and still have some extra change after the wedding.
Here are 9 ways you can walk down the aisle without putting your bank account into menstruation mood.
Rent your wedding dress: “You will save a lot of money by renting a dress rather than buying or getting a bespoke dress for your wedding day if you are not planning to reuse your wedding dress, the best thing to is to rent”.
Consider unconventional days: “Most venues service charges are always on the high sides on Saturdays unlike other days of the week, choosing a day other than Saturday will save you some cash and if you still want a Saturday wedding look for venues that charge cheaper rates”.
Don’t splurge on throw aways: “Don’t waste money on things people will throw away, for instance, personalized napkins are cute and will jazz up any reception table, but who’s going to keep them?no one”.
Get thrifty: “Using decorative items that have been used or pre-owned can save you a lot you can get centerpieces that have been used at another even remember your dress rented has probably been used by another bride but still doesn’t take away how beautiful you will look”.
Be mindful with flowers: “Flowers are beautiful, but it’s pricey, so be wise when choosing them flowers can be so expensive, but if you stick to one of two kinds and ones in season, this will save you money, however, fake flowers are always an inexpensive buy and will still make your room beautiful so you can go for fake flowers”.
Negotiate with vendors: “Don’t be afraid to ask about discounts, some vendors can give a certain discount but only if you ask, use vendors for certain aspects, but D-I-Y the other parts and a lot of deals go up on these vendors’ social media pages, be sure you’re following those you would like to work with to see when these promos are available”.
Attend bridal shows: “Large bridal shows showcase multiple vendors including event planners, paper companies, bakeries, DJs and bands, they are great fun and often offer free items or a chance to win free items”.

Skip the planner: “This may sound stupid considering the stress involved in planning a wedding but this might be the best financial decision you can make while planning your wedding, you can play your wedding yourself with assistance from your friends and family organize and thoroughly plan out a timeline of how you want your wedding to flow, arrange your seating chart for the wedding, and do every single thing that a wedding planner would do;no one said it would be easy but it is doable”.
Use your network: “Sometimes you have to use what you have. You can cut cost by speaking to friends or family who have certain abilities, you can get friends and family that are skilled in different areas or people who will love to try out some DIYs with you”.

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