While we keep an eye on every celebrity-approved trend, when we come across one that’s as comfortable as it is chic, we can’t help but give it a little extra attention and that trend is the track suit. Track suit has been a thing in the fashion scene these days and our celebrities are on to it.
And as we all know that the beauty of a good fashionista is how she pairs each attire uniquely, whether a million people have that same piece of clothing. We’ve definitely seen our favorite favourite celebrities rock a piece in such a great way that we get inspirations from their look.
Now, here is a chance for you to be a fashion judge by telling us who rocked this outfit better? Is it Toke who wore the complete Adidas track suit, with her black long hair or Juliet who wore her own Adidas track suit with her coloured low cut look or Tonto Dike who wore only Adidas jacket on a palazzo trouser? Don’t forget to comment which is your favourite below.

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