Obesity in kids has become a thing these days with people having different perspectives to it, we know eating junks can make kids gain weight but there are some other causes of obesity in kids that most parents are not aware of.
Late bedtime: “Remeber the old adage ‘early to sleep, early to rise keeps a man healthy wealthy and wise, sleeping late at night not only hinders the sleep-wake cycle but can make your kid gain weight; a study reported that for every hour later that a child goes to bed, their BMI score increases by a small amount”.
Skipping breakfast: “How many times have you sent your kid to school without a breakfast?you might be raising a fat kid, it is known that skipping breakfast can influence weight gain through increased appetite and the consumption of energy-dense foods”.
Less sleep: “Even having less sleep can make your kid weigh heavy, studies have shown that children sleeping longer have lower Body Mass Index (BMI) scores than those sleeping less”.
Sugary beverages: “We all know that genes can put your kid at risk of obesity, however, limiting the intake of sugary and carbonated beverages can help you lessen caloric overload and in turn prevent weight gain and obesity”.

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