hrinkage is natural for women with textured hair, and the tighter the curl, the more shrinkage you will experience, the ability for your natural hair to shrink back to its normal state after being stretched is a sign that it is healthy, but many women dislike their shrinkage and view it as a problem.
The truth is shrinkage isn’t all bad, shrinkage is the natural tendency of kinky, curly hair. Here are some ways to deal with hair shrinkage.
Blow it out: “If you are looking to really maximize your length, a blowout is your best bet, stretch your hair a little bit to give it some length; it works wonders and only takes a couple minutes to do! You can really manipulate your hair with the blow dryer”.
Embrace bantu knots: “Bantu knots are the perfect option for the lady looking to use a little less heat on her locks, they stretch out the hair without using any heat and don’t require any special styling skills”.
Put your hair in a bun: “One more way to control your extreme black hair shrinkage is creating a high bun while your hair is still damp, note that it hasn’t to be too tight in order to prevent creases and to reduce the shrinkage, even more, use bobby pins to make your bun less messy; keep your hair in a bun for 1-2 hours and don’t expect to get all 100% of your hair length back, but the result of your efforts will be noticeable”.
Use a lot of product: “Product weights your hair down, so that will help it to be a little longer, this is something you would have to play with to figure out what works best for you but depending on what product you use and how much, it could make your hair look flaky or flat”.

Wait for your hair to grow: “Most ladies are all impatient and hate waiting for their hair to get to their ideal length but don’t worry because the longer your hair gets, the less shrinkage you’ll get, the length can loosen your curls and weighs down your hair so naturally it’ll stretch”.
Embrace it: “Instead of fighting it and getting frustrated, accept and embrace it, it is apart of the natural hair journey and it can’t be avoided so embrace your shrinkage and don’t mind it at all”.

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