Soap has become synonymous with clean, we have always held that good skin care meant having tight skin after a proper wash and by achieving this, we have to strip off all of the nasty dirt and oils that could block our pores but the squeaky clean produced by some soaps can be harmful to our skin.
How can a simple product like soap damage one’s skin? It primarily comes down to pH, the skin is slightly acidic and some soaps jolt skin out of its natural pH which is harmful to the skin.
Below are five telltale signs of soap damage.
Tightness: “Clean skin should feel refreshed if skin feels tight or stretched immediately after washing, your soap has extracted too much moisture from your skin your skin should never feel uncomfortable after washing, skin that is properly cared for maintains its elasticity without requiring additional moisturizers but if your skin feels tight after washing, it may be time to shake up your cleansing routine”.
Fine lines and wrinkles: “Washing with soap zaps the skin of its natural moisture, skin that sustains soap damage exhibits fine lines and wrinkles; part of the natural aging process is the development of fine lines and wrinkles, cleansing should rejuvenate your face, not age it”.
Flaky skin: “The words ‘supple’ and ‘flawless’ conjure up visions of youthful skin but, instead of supple and flawless, skin over-dried by soap looks flaky and rough, no one desires skin that looks as if it has been sandpapered and applying makeup can’t hide the damage from overdrying because makeup only highlights the course texture of dry skin”.
Oiliness: “Although it may seem counterintuitive, oiliness can be a sign that your soap is over-drying your skin; when your skin’s natural moisture is stripped away, your skin fights to replace that moisture and if your skin is oily and you use soap specifically to dry it out, your skin may sabotage your efforts by producing, even more, oil to combat the intentionally inflicted dryness”.

Breakouts: “Your skin has its own unique blend of bacteria, bacteria has gotten a bad rap, but it is everywhere while some bacteria are good some are bad; the bad bacteria on your face can lead to infected, clogged pores, which become pimples, however, some bacteria actually help fight acne but when soap breaks down the acid mantle, it destroys the bacteria housed there—the good and the bad bacteria”.

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