One of the most popular drinks that people consume today is coca cola. It is otherwise known as a ‘soft-drink.’ But what is not known is that it is the most acidic drink to have.
Why is coke so bad?
The pH of water is 7, which is a neutral pH. The pH of coke is 2.5! It is so acidic. Only Pepsi has a lower pH than coke. Let’s understand a little more about the nation’s favorite soft drink.
The pH of battery acid is 1. This means that is comes under the ‘very acidic’ category. Everybody knows how harmful it is to consume battery acid. Now just imagine that the pH of coke is just one point above battery acid. How harmful do you think it is?
A lot of disorders are connected to soft drinks. It leads to asthma and other chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.
Drinking just 1 or 2 cans of coke increases our risk of developing diabetes by 26% and that of gout by 75%. There is also a 20% higher chance of you facing a heart attack suddenly. However, this is not applicable to those who drink coke sometimes.
Just stopping your consumption of coke is not enough. The following are the other things we can do with coke.
Industrial uses of coca cola:
Coke is only harmful to drink. It has many uses as a cleansing agent due to its high acidic content. It is considered magical in terms of cleaning. It can remove dust and oil stains with the same effectiveness
You can use coke for the following purposes:
  • You can use it to polish chrome and remove dust.
  • You can get rid of penny tarnish of your old pennies.
  • To clean your toilet, pour coke inside and let stand for some time. Flush it a little later.
  • Use coke to clean off the burnt pans at home. Pour coke, clean it and then rinse it with water.
  • To remove paint from your furniture, soak a towel in coke and clean the furniture with it.
  • You can use coke to remove oil stains and grease from your garage as well. Pour coke on the stains, soak for a while and then wash it with water.
  • It can remove rust as effectively as other dirt.
  • It can help you in cleaning your engine too.
  • It is a very good cleansing agent for porcelain and ceramic products. It can remove the stains on them.

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