It is said that more than 80 percent of brides always arrive late to their own weddings and even those that are known to always be an early bird at all time.Being late on one’s wedding day can happen to every woman but today, we will be talking about 5 things that always make brides go late to their wedding.
“Etiquette demands, and it’s even common sense, to be on time to events, especially if it’s your wedding day”. Here are the top wedding-day time-sucking mistakes every bride must avoid on her wedding day.
Poor planning and failure to delegate: “It is a common saying that one who fails to plan, plans to fail, most brides want to do their wedding planning, pricing, bargaining, and shopping alone without help from anyone; sadly, they fail to delegate minor duties to other people, the I-can-do-it-all-by-myself attitude has never helped any bride in the past, neither will it help you so brides should be humble to admit the fact that they can’t do everything perfectly and they should start planning with trusted friends and loved ones to delegate duties to them and this will give you more time to concentrate on other important activities”.

Phone calls and chats: “You might be wondering why this is on the list but phone calls and chatting is a major time consumer in the morning of any wedding, brides should try to hand over their phones, ipads, etc to someone else who does not have any major role to play on the wedding day or you can decide to switch off your phones completely, your friends and well-wishers will always find their way to your wedding venue, whether your phone is switched on or not”.
Hiring an amateur bridal makeup artist: “Sometimes I wonder why most brides will want to hire an amateur make-up artist to mess with their face on the most important day of their life, whatever the justification may be, it comes with its own detriment; while an amateur bridal make-up artist will waste hours trying to find out what to use on your face, a professional make-up artist would have already done a trial makeup for you on the day of your pre wedding photo session and this will make the bridal makeup less stressful on the wedding day, making you look your best on your D-Day”.
Poor transportation arrangement: “This is one common problem I have noticed in most Nigerian weddings, there are situations where the bride was supposed to use her personal car to go to the church but couldn’t find the car keys when it was time to go to the church; in some other cases, the same driver that was paid to drive the bride to the wedding venue will be the same driver to come back to the hotel to pick up the bridal train, pick the photographers and camerapersons, and maybe some other vendors and sometimes including picking up her relatives”.
Poor time management: “During the early morning hours of the wedding day, it is very common for some of the bride’s friends and loved ones to arrive, and they will all want to see the bride to inform her of their presence and also cheer her up but most brides get carried away by these moments and forget the essence of focusing on the more important thing: Getting Dressed Up; brides should always remember that there will be enough time on the wedding day for exchange of pleasantries, sharing jokes and taking of pictures, having this in mind will keep you focused on the task ahead and make you stick to your time schedule”.

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