Initially, we didn’t want to talk about this latest trend but since it seems it won’t go away any time soon and the social media keeps bringing us different version of this trend, we might as well talk about it.
In the past few years we have come across a lot of weird beauty trends one after the other and social media has made it very easy for such trends to gain popularity quickly with Instagram as the fore runner of those popularity. We have seen different brow trends like the glitter brows, feathered eyebrows, thick brows, thin brows and many more but few days ago the #Wavybrow or #Squiggly brows trend stormed took over the social media  which, basically, is framing the eyebrows in a wavy form.like squiggly snakes, it features a thick brow with a wavy or wriggly tail and some make up influencers are also moving the trend to the lips.
Clearly, you can make out how many people are falling in love with trying this new brow trends with different pictures we’ve been able to gather, there are even tutorials for this trend already. Here’s what it looks like, how do you see the trend? Would you try it? Tell us in the comment section below.

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