Having a bright, clean smile can make you look more appealing, while boosting your confidence. But what’s more important is that clean teeth can also keep your mouth healthy and helps to avoid diseases and infections

To achieve a whiter smile, brushing and flossing are required. There are also some home remedies have the ability to improve your smile in just seven days:
If you haven’t heard about oil pulling, you’re missing out on a lot. Coconut oil is said to help whiten teeth by simply swishing it around the mouth. It’s not very pleasant especially for first timers, but coconut oil is effective in ridding bacteria that cause plaque and make teeth yellow – thanks to its lauric acid.


The berries are high in vitamin C, a nutrient that can remove plaque that causes the yellow look on teeth. Strawberries also have malic acid that can get rid of surface stains. The scrub also requires salt, which can remove stains, and baking soda (optional) for its whitening properties. Here’s what you need to do:

Take one to three large strawberries and mash them to a pulp.
Add a pinch of sea salt. If you’re going to use baking soda, add half a teaspoon of it.
Before you apply the scrub to your teeth using your toothbrush, make sure your mouth isn’t too wet.
Start brushing like you normally would and rinse after five minutes.
Do this every night for a week to see the results.


Lemon juice can act as bleach that can whiten your teeth. Add baking soda to counteract the acidity of lemon. You only need these two ingredients for the homemade toothpaste. Use your toothbrush to scoop the combination. Don’t rinse for about one minute. You can do this every other night.


Apple cider vinegar can remove surface stains on your teeth. The results are not instant, but you will see the difference in about a week. Here’s what you need to do:

Mix two teaspoons of ACV with baking soda.
Start brushing your teeth with the paste and leave for a minute or two before you rinse.
According to statistics, about 18% of people choose to hide their teeth in photos. If you’re among this percentage and your reason is because you have stained teeth, you don’t have to add expensive treatments to your budget. The methods above will help you achieve whiter teeth and even a healthier smile in just seven days.

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