Healthy Skin, Healthy Hair, Clean Makeup And Perfect Dress Sense

#1 Lets start off with how we appear to other people

Are you always in a mood? what sort of mood? is it good or bad? well one thing you should know is that our mood is really important because nothing repels faster than the appearance of a frowning person in a really bad mood, so try hard to keep your mood light and happy.

#2.  Next is a tidy and clean hair

The hair is the crown of a lady and it should be pampered and maintained properly. Our hair is supposed to be cared for to avoid dandruff, lice and all sorts. Also if we don’t keep our hair in the proper order it can become really embarrassing. So make sure to maintain a healthy hair as the hair is your precious adornment.

#3. One important way a lady shows she’s poise is her gait

Women are to maintain a graceful gait. The weapon of a beautiful woman is her light weight gait, Make sure to never walk with heavy steps, walk with your head raised up and step as if you are floating in the air and don’t  over play your hip movement.

#4.Trim Eyebrows

Now we all have to admit that our eyebrow is very important because it determines how we would look, a bushy and untrimmed eyebrow gives a dirty appearance. Our eyebrows adorns our eyes therefore we should try to maintain their natural form but in a trimmed manner and when we are highlighting them, go for a shade darker than the hair color on our brow.

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