Nothing beats natural so lighten your dark feet naturally with these natural products in just one week.
Raw milk: “The good thing about raw milk is that it is rich in lactic acid and helps to exfoliate the dead skin on the surface of skin, the lactic acid in raw milk acts as a natural bleaching agent that helps to lighten your skin tone and this helps to soften the rough skin and points to finger joints that help to give you soft and smooth and fair glowing hands and feet; it is simple and easy, just massage with raw milk then clean your hands and feet and apply milk when you are before going to bath”.
Dry orange peel and milk: “Orange is rich in Vitamin C and acts as a natural bleaching agent, thus, orange is great with a healthier look to get supple skin; keep the orange peel dry, grind it into a smooth powder and add some milk to make a thick paste then apply the paste on your hands and feet, leave till dry and wash off with water, this acts as a scrub to remove tan and dark on your skin”.
Lemon and salt: “You should use any of the natural scrubs such as lemon and salt to remove dead skin cells, skin is exfoliated and is essential to remove dead skin cells once in a week; lemon and salt scrub gives a natural fair skin and makes your skin blemish free so exfoliate your skin to get glowing skin and you can use a scrub to remove dead cells, just sprinkle salt on the lemon and rub it on your feet”.

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