https://i.pinimg.com/736x/9e/a5/27/9ea527396158bce31e9a03e03225bf5a--african-fashion-ankara-african-fashion-style.jpgThe off-the-shoulder trend is a fashion trend that has always been a major trend among ladies, from tops to jumpsuits to dresses and gowns, the off-the-shoulder style has been styled to perfection by many fashionistas.
But before you join the off shoulder trend there are some tips you need to know.
Make sure it fits your body shape: “One thing about the off-the-shoulder dress is that it doesn’t leave any room for errors; it just has to be perfect or else it would be a fashion fail, make sure it laps well off your shoulder and that you wouldn’t have to adjust your dress now and then after you’ve left the house; the style should also accentuate your shape; that’s what makes it remarkable”.

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Your skin: “Your skin is a very important factor that could make or mar the beauty of the dress, make sure your skin is smooth and well taken care of before wearing this dress; the off-the-shoulder dress leaves your skin bare, meaning your skin has to be in good condition before you wear this dress but if you feel your skin isn’t in good condition, you can cover up with a jacket as this also adds a unique style to the off-the-shoulder dress”.
“With the off-the-shoulder dress, there is little or no need for fashion accessories around your neck, your skin should take the centre of attraction and if you must wear an accessory, it should be something simple”.

“Finally, there should be no room for a wardrobe malfunction so when wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, your bra strap should never show which means you must wear a backless and strapless bra; the off-the-shoulder dress is a beauty and if worn to perfection, you would be the eye of the whole everyone”.

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