Watch: “The more swanky, stylish and funky your watch is, the more are the chances it might have sharp edges that can lead to a cut or a scratch on your baby’s delicate skin while swaddling or changing the little one, keep it aside and use your mobile clock or the wall clock for a while”.
Bangles: “If you are wearing glass bangles, take them off right away; if they break while your baby is in your arms, you can imagine how it can hurt and bangles are also noisy and as babies sleep throughout the day, it is a distraction you can avoid”.
Finger rings: “Like bangles, even finger rings pose the same problem, you would be asked to remove your rings while entering the labour room, we suggest you take them out and don’t wear them for at least the next six or nine months”.
Nail polish: “You might think this is harmless, but know that they are loaded with chemicals and if you have started weaning your baby, this would mean feeding small amounts of chemicals along with food”.
Earring: “Love wearing ear drops, remove them if you know they can be easily pulled out as your child will love to play with the bright coloured earring that you wear and pull them out just when you are paying attention to something else and do we need to tell you that they think every other thing is edible?”

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