Wearing the right jeans that fit your figure would definitely give your fashion a boost same way wearing the wrong jeans on the wrong figure can make you look a bit awkward.
Here are some tips for matching the right jeans with the right figure.
Tall women: “Tall and leggy women shouldn’t go for skinny jeans, as this would only make their figure look too skinny, it is better to go for loose jeans or low rise jeans with flared legs; this might look awkward on other women, but it definitely compliments the tall and leggy women”.
Shorter women: “Shorter women should go for straight cut jeans with a normal rise; this would help give them a taller look”.
Curvy women: “Curvy women should go for comfortable straight cut jeans that would show off their curves”.
Plus-size women: “Plus-size women are known to have bigger butts, to accentuate sexiness, they should go for jeans that fit perfectly and would provide a mix of stretch and structure”.

Petite women: “Petite women should go for narrow skinny jeans; this would complement their figure”.

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