Most people, especially women complain about having a terrible hair, but little do they know that most times they are mostly responsible for the damage that is being done to their hair.
There are several hair habits that are highly responsible for the results of your hair, whether negative or positive. Here are hair habits you should shun:
Using high heat: “Hair and heat don’t go hand in hand, excess heat would rob your hair of its natural moisture which is highly essential for your hair and excess heat would cause your cuticle to become dry, and if you must use high heat, be sure to use a heat protectant”.
Using too many hair chemicals: “Using too many hair chemicals can cause more harm than good to your hair, it can cause breakage and also damage your scalp so be sure to minimise the number of chemicals you use on your hair”.
Roughly handling wet hair: “Your hair is most susceptible to damage when it’s wet, be careful when washing, combing, brushing or towel drying your hair, or you would risk damaging your cuticle and hair generally”.
Over-brushing your hair: “Many people don’t know this, but brushing your hair excessively can ruin your hair, it is more advisable to brush your hair in the morning rather than before going to bed; the hair’s natural oil accumulates overnight making it more abundant in the morning before sunlight and air tends to dry it out”.
Sun: Just as the sun is bad for your skin, it’s also bad for your hair. The sun’s UV rays can dry and damage your hair. Use products with UV protection if you are regularly exposed to the sun.
Using the same shampoo: “A lot of women stay loyal to their shampoo even when their hair circumstances change, it is important to change your shampoo just as your hair circumstances change”.

Not using hair conditioner: “Hair conditioners come with certain health benefits to the hair and you miss out on them when you don’t use it, they also protect your hair and also prevents it from breakage while also adding shine and aiding growth but be careful of using harsh hair conditioners, as they can ruin your hair”.

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