A woman’s dream wedding dress can only be perfect if you can figure out the perfect cut for your shape, in our wedding glam edition today we will be discussing on how to choose the perfect wedding for every body type.
Below are several elegant wedding dresses and how to know which suits your body type best.
Apple Shaped: “Avoid trumpet style dresses because they enhance the widest area of your body, look for a dress that appraises the smallest point on the waistline, a good bodice that is close-fitting and would create a camouflage effect and a deep V neckline would draw eyes to the upper part of your body”.
Small chested: “The right bra is paramount for the small chested lady as it would provide the necessary boost needed; extra fabric at the top would help fill out the upper body, also lightly padded halter neck are effective”.
Busty: “Bustiers with a full skirt starting from below the waistline downwards are perfect, also a dress with a scooped neckline would enhance your face. Strapless gowns are awesome, choose the ones with a sweetheart neckline rather than the one that just goes straight across”.
Pear Shaped: “For ladies with a pear shape, a classic A-line silhouette is perfect; go down for a skirt that gradually flares out from the waist to the floor highlighting the narrowness of the midriff, a thin strap V-neck will help to enhance the lean features of the upper body”.
Tall: “If you are tall, emphasize on your natural shape, that means all details from the waistline to the hemline etc must indicate your height; choose the minimalist look when it comes to embellishment, also long sleeves should go past your waist so you don’t look like you are wearing a shorter persons dress”.
Straight-lined: “For straight lined ladies, a dress that would create an illusion is perfect, if you have a small bust go for a bodice as they create volume; a ball gown would capitalize on your slenderness and it would create a natural waist and give off curves where there is none”.
Plus size: “There are so many options for the plus size diva’s, but am empire dress does wonders; make sure the empire skirt starts from underneath the bust line and flares out, also make sure its flattering rather than loose and avoid all empire seem that start from the chest, also make sure there are no pleats”.

Petite: “Petite ladies should avoid dresses with a dropped waist because its easy to get lost in a voluminous dress, also anything calve length should be avoided as they tend to make one look short; find a technique that would enhance your upper body and make you appear taller”.

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