http://www.goldenicons.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Mercy-aigbe-6.jpgFashion for church has evolved over the years, the olden days church attires were definitely much different from what we wear today. When it comes to dressing up for church, we all know there are some rules guarding it but doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish.
When picking out your church outfit, one of the things you must consider is comfort and modesty; you don’t want to wear something you won’t feel free in and you obviously don’t want to wear anything too exposing as some churches require their female congregation to cover up more than others so considering all of these factors, you shouldn’t make the excuse of not being stylish. Who says you can’t slay for Jesus? In this post, you will find stylish and conservative outfits to help inspire your fashion for church.

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