A lot of people get so comfortable in their relationships/marriage that they care less about how they look, they become nonchalant in their looks and attraction feeling they only have to look good when they are going out and pay less attention to their looks when they are at home few months into their relationships/marriages which is very bad.
They are always coming up with he/she should be able to accept me the way I am if he/she loves me but does it have to be that way?
Here are top reasons why you should always look good for your partners.
Make your partner proud of you: “Every person feels great when their partner looks lovely and is the centre of attraction; when you look good, your partner would have this pride and satisfaction to introduce you to people”.
Give your partner reasons to compliment you: “I haven’t seen anyone who hates a good and genuine compliment when you look good, you give your partner more and more reasons to compliment you and this really shows that your partner is actually watching”.
Better s3x life: “When you look attractive always, you would tend to catch your partner’s fancy the more and that could equate to you and your partner having more s3x but when your partner’s appeal for you isn’t there, there would be lesser s3x”.
Physical attraction plays a huge role: “In the long-term, physical attraction plays a huge role in the success of a relationship, researchers have shown that love is important to the success of a relationship but at times love isn’t all you need paying attention to your appearance and maintaining mutual attraction is key to keeping the flames burning in your relationship”.
You thrill your partner more: “Looking attractive almost every time would mean you put your partner forever at the edge; you give them more when you do this and they would want you the more, this could also make your partner concentrate more on the relationship rather than have straying eyes”.

“Your partner deserves the best; give them that as looking good always is also another way to keep the flames burning in a relationship”.

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