he wedding day is not all about the bride alone, the groom needs to look tip-top too and you have to look super gorgeous on your big day. Here is the lowdown about SUIT dos and don’ts for every groom to be.
Lapel width: “The style over the last few years has been cut very narrow, becoming a high street look, with a tailored suit you can choose the width lapel you require; narrow gives a stylish, fashionable look, mid gives a timeless look and wide lapels are seen as traditional”.
Pocket squares: “Having made a comeback over the years and moving away from plain block colours to patterns and textured fabrics, pocket squares add a dash of colour to your suit’ fold into a neat line for a classic style or scrunch up and create a fuller hanky look”
What works: “When choosing your tailored or off the peg suit, it’s extremely important to look at your body proportion, this is what you should base your suit around”.

Colours: “You can’t go wrong with classics colours such as grey, navy and black; ALWAYS make sure the cloth colour suits your skin tone”.
Belts: “Not every suit looks good with a belt, try to wear your suit without a belt; belt can support your look but not all the time so try both ways”.
Custom tailored suit: “Custom tailored are specially stitched for you so the body proportion will be good, it will look more premium than any normal pre-made suit”.

“The tie needs to barely reach the waistband of your groom’s pants or be ever so slightly shorter, any longer or shorter can look a bit ridiculous”.

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