Our feet are precious. We go everywhere with them and they help us maintain a good posture. They also suffer the consequences of tight shoes or high heels for the sake of beauty.  Your feet are two of the most abused and most often used parts of your body. However, when it comes to our health and beauty routines, toes and nails of the feet are often neglected.  No matter what the season is, it is always very important to keep the toes and feet in optimal conditions
Here, we’re going to show you how to learn and take good care of your feet so that you can have good hygiene and care of the body, as well as to heal the pain by regular usage.  It is clear that we demand too much from our feet. They carry our body all day, often from the inside of uncomfortable shoes, so it’s no wonder that many of us end up with blisters, pain, bad smell, and even fungi or athlete’s foot.
Fortunately, there is a simple solution for these problems, and it is in your kitchen!
Apple cider vinegar is versatile and harmless. We use it for cooking, cleaning, and now, to treat our tired, sore and mistreated feet. According to a study, the antifungal activity of vinegar is more powerful that the other food preservatives. Therefore, even scientists claim that it is full of some very notable benefits.  Soaking your feet in vinegar won’t hurt them, but still you must dilute it! In general, use one part of vinegar and two parts of water.
While they are soaking, the smell will be strong, but it will disappear when your feet are dry. You can also use some essential oils at the end of the therapy.  Vinegar is a very cheap remedy and it’s easy to find. In addition, soaking your feet after a long day can be very relaxing.
Attention: Avoid the listed treatment if you have diabetes! People with diabetes should have any problem with their feet treated by a doctor!

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