The year is almost finished and empower your style we must because 2018 must be extremely stylish for everyone. This year has been filled with many fashion trends, some we will love to keep and some we can’t wait to see disappear come 2018; however, as we determine to look good next year, here are some style mistakes everyone should drop behind in this 2017.
You just love to splurge on trends: “Trends are fickle, they come and go, invest in pieces that can outlast the trend, that you can still wear for ages to come, buy quality, buy functionality; ask how many times you can wear it and to what type of places; will you look dated if you wore it next year?”.
Storing your pricey shoes in the worst places: “Resolve not to pile your shoes at the entrance of your houses, they might not be Giuseppe but they sure cost you money, you might as well create a home for them in your room; in their dust bags or boxes, or on a shoe rack and also, do not store them in direct path of sunlight as this may damage your shoes”
Don’t let anyone tell you embellishments can’t be worn in day time: “You know how people tell you shiny clothes are better at night?scratch that; you can wear embellishments during the day, where you are feeling too flashy, pair them up with solid dark colours to reduce shine and still shine”.
Just one accessory is crap: “Who makes all these rules?pile on the accessories please; depending on the look you are going for, accessories are a bright way to spice up your outfits, more is more ladies”.
You believe loose styles flatter plus size women: “Plus size women are taking over fashion, and boxy don’t cut it anymore, there are numerous inspirations that have up plus-size style game this year; ditch lose styles and go for outfits that are cinched at the right places to flatter your figure, remember you can’t go wrong with shapewear either”.

It is advisable to make your own rules really because our tips are just guidelines, and they were made to be broken, but in all, be sensible in your styling but be confident in choices.

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