Medical Sciences Postgraduate Scholarships At Newcastle University, UK
Many women dream to have Rapunzel-length locks? If it seems like your hair just isn’t growing as quickly as you’d like, look no further than your hair care routine.

Medical Sciences Postgraduate Scholarships At Newcastle University, UK
Learn how to get long hair naturally at home. This hair remedy will help you get super long hair, soft hair, smooth hair and healthy hair. This hair mask prevent hair loss and damaged hair. This hair oil will also help you stop your intense hair fall in a week.


  1. Ginger juice
  2. Olive Oil


Take a ginger, peel off and grate. Now through it in the strainer, and extract the juice with the help of a spoon and add half a cup of olive oil. If you want to learn how to apply this oil then watch the video below for more instructions.
You can also try these pro-recommended tips to get longer, stronger hair in no time.!

Have regular liners

Although it does not seem logical, it is a must do if you want to have long hair. Let’s look at what Michael Dueñas, a world-renowned stylist says: “haircuts does not make your hair grow faster, they get rid of split ends that break your hair. 
Eliminate tearing gives the appearance that the hair grow faster.”

So if you split end that breaks, your hair will not get more. Also, if you remove them, your hair will be shinier and better volume and smoothness.

 Use natural oil your hair is

Even if you had a tiring day, you have to brush your hair before bedtime. Otherwise, it could be damaged. Eva Scrivo salon, high hair colorist explains, “starting at the scalp, use a boar bristle brush to distribute oils your scalp evenly on your hair, so it can stay naturally moisturized.”
Do not forget about it when you’re feeling lazy and tired brushing hair.

You need to eat the right foods

Many women do not know, but eating a huge impact on the quality of your hair. Dr. Francesco Fusco, a dermatologist and a clear head and an expert on hair, says “to promote hair growth, you need to” feed “the hair from the inside. Try increasing your intake of protein foods such as fish, beans, nuts and all gain. ”
He also said that people who want to eat meat should try to get a high-protein diet. If you do not consume enough protein, your hair more likely to start shedding.

Do not use heat styling tools

Heat styling damage to your hair. Celebrity stylist Ken opens says if you need to use only reduce heat to the lowest you can. Otherwise, it may destroy the locks, frizz and breakage.

Use cold rinse at the end of your showers

Not only are very hot showers poor skin but also the hair. Opens explains: “Turn the water temperature down when you clean. And rinse with cold water to help seal the cuticle and strengthen your hair before styling

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