To be healthy, you need to reduce the amount of artificial and processed food which is always present in the kitchen. Fast food can be tasty, but our nature gives us plenty of tasty things and healthier.

For example, the banana is rich in vitamins, nutrients and fiber. Also, they are not expensive and can be found in any store.
Bananas have low calories. By eating a banana you can indulge in fresh without compromising the look of your waist, not your health. The average banana contains only 110 calories. His dietary fiber helps you feel full and keeps your digestive processes
If you eat two bananas a day a month, here’s what will happen to your body

blood pressure
For all people who have problems with high blood pressure: Bananas are rich in potassium and low sodium content include. Therefore, they are excellent treat for your blood pressure and heart health. Bananas help the body vascular system to deliver oxygen to the brain and helps the body maintain a healthy heart and proper water balance in the body.
If you have problems with constipation, take a banana, because the fiber in them will help. They promote the restoration and maintenance of regular bowel function.
Because bananas are rich in vitamins, minerals, and low glycemic carbohydrates, they can boost your energy level. This means that they are perfect before you exercise. Also, the potassium in them prevents muscle cramps.
Consuming just two bananas will give your body enough fuel to exercise for an hour and a half. Also, you can eat when you are feeling tired and sluggish. So, forget about caffeeina drinks or sugar.

Bananas have a natural antacid. It should be borne in mind, especially if you suffer from heartburn.

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