A particular situation in the economy once made tomato very expensive. Despite the fact that the  situation was highly critical, people still could not do without it. This fruit is highly important to us. Not just because we need it for stew, but for some other reasons. Tomato is more than just kitchen-friendly. There are so many health benefits it possesses.  Basically, there are reasons why you must invest in this baby this very season, especially on your skin. At least it’s not as expensive as it used to be. Besides, this could be the time you need to start growing your own tomatoes.
Here are the six reasons why your skin needs tomato;

1. Reduction of big pores:
Mixing tomato juice with two to three (2-3) teaspoons of lime juice works wonders in reducing big pores. Big pores invite more dirt and grime so it is not at all advisable to have them.

2. Smooth skin:
Tomato, when applied to skin regularly works wonders because it keeps the skin smooth and clean.

3. Reduces shine:
Tomato, along with cucumber juice, can be helpful to people with oily skin as it helps reduce the shine that comes with it.

4. Reduces acne:
Tomato has an acid that helps in clearing the skin and reducing acne.

5. Rids off itchy skin:
Applying slices of tomato helps rid raw and itchy skin caused due to sunburns. Applying it to your body regularly is an excellent alternative!

6. Glowing complexion:
Tomato when applied to the face regularly can give a glowing complexion.
The importance of tomato on your skin cannot be overemphasized. Try using yours today!

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