“High heels can cause bunion, bunion is an unattractive bulge that forms at the base of your toe as a result of your toe being squished and the heels sliding against it”.
“When you wear heels, it’s better to move around with it so as to avoid putting pressure on one part of your body for too long”.

“It isn’t just your feet that suffer as a result of high heels; your whole body suffers too, your neck, back, legs and feet are all connected, and wearing heels for long can cause it to hurt and ache”.

“High heels can also increase the risk of osteoarthritis, and experts say this is why osteoarthritis is found mostly in women than men”.

“High heels can also affect your spinal alignment and hurt your back in the process, high heels can cause you to have an unnatural posture and this could put pressure on your lower back”.

“High heels can also lead to you stressing your muscles, thereby decreasing its efficiency”.
“Do you feel a burning sensation under the ball of your feet when you wear high heels?this is actually heat; the pressure that comes with when you claw your toes to fit into the sole of your shoe could cause an increase in temperature”.

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