important for every girl to have a strong brow game, after all, it is a sign of youth and good health but instead of spending on serums and other expensive paraphernalia, here are x regular tried-and-tested things that you could use to groom your brows with.
Petroleum jelly: “This is inexpensive, ubiquitous and effective and apart from making them look groomed, applying a small quantity on your eyebrows will give it a healthy sheen. Some users say that the jelly boosted their growth noticeably”.
Aloe vera: “Aloe vera gel used fresh from the plant or applied straight out of the jar are both equally good for your eyebrows, the gel is teeming with nutrients which can improve eyebrow health and boost growth”.
Hair gel: “A small quantity of hair gel is all you need to keep your unruly brows in their place all day, however, ensure you only use a small amount and none it gets into your eyes”.
Gelatin: “A bit of clear gelatin makes for a quick nontoxic hair gel, apply it on your eyebrows and smoothen them out with an eyebrow brush to make them look lush and full”.

Egg white: “You read that right and unlike the yolk it won’t stink, we promise; it gives you a gel-like hold plus all the proteins will do your eyebrow a whole lot of good”.

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