white maids2traditional for the bride to wear white on her wedding day, but what about her bridesmaids? If you like the look of a fresh, polished bridal party, then choosing to outfit your ladies in white (or off-white) dresses may be the right choice for you.

Gone are the days when Brides objected to anyone else in white, more like the Bridesmaids. Now we see more brides freely letting their bridesmaids enjoy the white angelic look especially when the color compliments the wedding color vision. Today’s post is all about the gorgeous bridesmaids in White dresses.

When choosing your bridesmaids to wear white just like you, a few things need to be kept in mind. Here are 5 styling tips I have thought to share with you to be able to pull of the “Bridesmaids in White” look flawlessly.

  • Choice Bridesmaids dresses not wedding dresses
You want your maids to look amazing in a bridesmaids dress but not a wedding dress. Because your maids would most likely be busy calming you down and making things run smoothly, an ideal maids dress is to be lighter, not overwhelmed with detailing and easier to walk around with.
  • Only maids in white
Another way to pull off the white maids look flawlessly is for the bride to confidently wear a non white wedding dress herself leaving the white look just for the maids.
white maids3 
  • Mismatching fun
When styling your maids in white, feel free to play around with the mismatching idea. Mismatching your maids dresses is one way to bring character to your wedding look especially when done right.white maids5
  • Colour shading
It is all about switching things up in regards to the color. You can consider playing with shades of white, such as off-white or champagne which can give a more chic and modern look.
  • Rewearable white dresses
If you are a lover of a good bargain, then you would want to make your maids happy by choosing a white dress that they could totally wear after your wedding. Nothing sucks more for your maids than spending a lot of money on a dress that they would most likely never wear again.
For some inspiration bridesmaids in white look…scroll down to see
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