A single pimple on the face and everyone start blaming the food, hormonal imbalance, make-ups and pollution but what if it’s the everyday things you use are that are responsible for those pimples on your face, back and even private parts?
Below are some shocking things that can cause acne.
Mobile/Phone receiver: “As the mobile phone or receiver carries a lot of germs, it is very likely that pressure due to a phone receiver on the skin can lead to localised acne”.
Headband: “Sweating can worsen acne in some people, if you are wearing a headband that is too tight it causes sweating to be trapped under clothing leading to clogging of pores and acne”.

Bra strap: “Pressure due to bra strap and accumulation of sweat at the point of contact of bra strap with skin can lead to acne, especially on the back and shoulder region”.
Tight clothes (undergarments): “Tight clothing such as jeans or undergarments can lead to localized acne that develops at the point of skin contact, this is the reason you can get acne even in the vag!na and on the p3nis”.

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