Who does not love multi-functional beauty products? There is no harm in making your own beauty products to work for you the way you want them to, provided you know exactly how to use them. Let’s face it, how many of us use lip balms when it’s not harmattan period? Not me because not unless my lips have become completely dry and damaged I won’t use lip balm/gloss and this usually happen during harmattan but I recently came across some lip balm hacks that worked really well and with these lip balm hacks, you can use your lip balms throughout the year. Lip balms consist of moisturizing ingredients for one of the most sensitive parts of your body—your lips and there is no harm in using them for the rest of your face, at least, occasionally.
Here are some lip balm hacks you can try out because those tiny lip balm is capable of taking care of a number of your beauty woes.
Taming frizz: “Many people are always looking for hair serums, hair sprays, hair oils to tame them but you would be surprised to know that a swipe of lip balm has the strength to tame flyaways”.
Grooming stray eyebrow hair: “There’s no need for eyebrow gels, just apply these on eyebrows and shape it and your eyebrow hair will stay in place”.

Getting a dewy look: “Lightly swipe it above your cheekbones and your temple after applying foundation for a glowing, dewy look”.
Make your perfume last longer: “Perfume, when sprayed on your pulse points, lasts longer but, if you want it to last even longer than that, then first dab your pulse points with lip balm and then spray perfume”.
Soften rough areas like elbows, heels, knees: Y”up, these parts of your body need more moisturisation, lip balms work great on these rough areas’.

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