If you have been on a bridal train before then you will understand how expensive being a bridesmaid could be because except the bride is the daughter of a billionaire, you have to purchase your bridal train outfit yourself and those can be expensive. As a bride, it is important that your bridal train look their best, and so it is understandable when brides want the bridesmaid to go all out for you but the truth is not, all everyone can afford a pricey wedding, sometimes your friends go all out for love and suffer the consequences later and at other times some would disappoint you because they can’t meet up with your pricey bridesmaid wedding cost.
In order to avoid such mishaps on your wedding day, every bride have to look for ways to minimize wedding cost for your bridesmaid, below are some simple tips that can help you save your bridesmaids’ some expenses.
  • The bridesmaid dress can be super expensive, so the best option that would suit every ones financial expectation is to pick a colour rather than a dress, this way each bridesmaid would find a dress that would suit them and their financial status, plus you could inspect their choices too, just tell them to send you photographs of their best options, that way you could choose how they look on your wedding day”.
  • “A lot of brides love to have everything in sync, down to matching shoes, but it is best that you help your friends control their spending by giving them the choice to spot any shoe they want”.
  • “There is always sync in accessories and jewelries, instead of getting them to wear the same accessories and jewelries, give them an option to wear their own accessories and jewelry, this would be much appreciated”.
  • If you feel you want everything in sync then you can help your girls by giving them a wallet break, you can get creative and do something with your girls”.
This tips should help you reduce the wedding cost for your bridesmaids both for the traditional and white wedding.

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