o one enjoys having imperfect skin. What annoys most people are acne, blackheads, and facial hair.
These issues are unappealing and can affect the self-confidence.

Even though there are many products which promise fast and effective results, they can be quite expensive and offer a temporary effect.
Therefore, we decided to present you a natural mask you can prepare at home.
This DIY mask will help you eliminate the blackheads and the unwanted facial hair. The main ingredient in this face mask is an egg white.

Egg whites are packed with nutrients, including selenium, protein, potassium, and riboflavin. Therefore, they can stop acne outbreaks, reduce the appearance of the unsightly pores, and eliminate the acne-causing bacteria. Moreover, they will reduce the wrinkles and eliminate blackheads.
ake a bowl and add one egg white in it. Beat the egg white slightly. Then, using a face brush apply the egg white on your face. However, make sure you avoid the eye and mouth area.
Next, take a thin tissue and place it on your face over the egg white. Then, with the brush pat the tissue gently. Next, apply another layer of egg white over the tissue and leave it on to dry.

After 30 minutes, peel off the tissue gently. Do this in an upward direction from the face. Finally, wash your face with warm water. Use this treatment twice in 10 days. However, if your skin is oily use this mask twice a week.

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