https://i.pinimg.com/736x/9f/cd/29/9fcd297d162f1243535bc5637c885eea.jpgFashion changes constantly, and our hairdo should too, every year has one trend or the other topping the fashion list. Well-groomed hair is the beauty of any woman and 2017 showcase a range of different hairstyles but some stood out form others.
So, after much observations and research, I decided to compile all the hairstyles that trended in Nigeria this year 2017 as it’s the most wonderful time of the year; a time to sit back and recall what really transpired, what really trended and what we think people would be embracing in years to come.

Natural Hair: “The year 2017 really recorded amazing African hairstyles in which virtually everyone never wanted to be left out; the 4c natural hair length for instance, was made into so many amazing hairstyles that got someone like me longing to cut off my chemical hair texture and embrace the natural hair, this year has seen ladies campaigning for team natural not just in hair but facial makeups too, a whole lot of Nigerian ladies especially the youths are on the team natural hairstyle”.
Cornrows: “What can I say? Cornrows have been saving lives since time in memorial; it is simple and sleek”.
Box braids: “Some people call it the Egyptian style not sure why; am a great fan of this style, it suits the face and gives it a baby appearance”.
Low cut: “Are you tired of brushing your extensions?Are you tired of the pain and agony that comes with braiding? Tire no more for your answer is the image above; low cut allows you the inflow and outflow of water and fresh air and lots of Nigerian celebrities can attest to this, the likes of Chidinmma, Toyin Aiyimakhu, Dorcas Fapnon etc”.
Brazilian Wool: “You can’t possibly be in Nigeria this year and deny having had this style on or seen it in every seven out of ten persons encountered, the Brazilian wool is not just affordable but can be braided in different styles and used as many times as you wish to exploit”.
Crotchet braids: “This is one style that appears big and bulky but light as anything you can imagine, it is a perfect example of the more you look, the less you see, it’s classy, it’s sleek and it fits any shape of the face”.
Wigs: “This has been saving our mothers from time in memorial and this year most ladies have been on it, wigs are actually trending for the Nigerian ladies this year 2017”.

Beaded braids: ‘This trend was inspired by the Fulani hairstyle, it comes in different braided hairstyles adorned with beads and it fits any face shape.’

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