A Nigerian lady has narrated how she bought a “classic bend down select” top for just N50, and how she’s been loving the top ever since.

Here’s what she wrote;

“T H R I F T S H O P P I N G
I was passing through ikeja underbridge at night with no plan of buying anything when I heard a woman shouting 50naira buy your top. Normal me would have just waka pass; like I’m too shy to bend down and select 50naira top.”
“I don’t know what happened that day; maybe because I’ve been following too much looking chic on a budget bloggers. I just bend down and selected. Viola! I got this 😃for just 50naira.”
“Paired it on my forever21 skirt on Sunday and I was looking effortlessly chic. In fact I’ve paired it on too many outfits 😂😂. If I didn’t tell you I thrifted it for 50naira; you wouldn’t even know.”
“So quick question: will you bend down and select 50naira, 50naira top looking peng like this?”

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