Just a day after her grand wedding to her hearthrob, footballer, Emenike… Iheoma is calling out her wedding planner over the un-professionalism she exhibited while handling her “big day.”

According to Iheoma, the wedding planner, Nike Balogun popularly knowns as Diamonk Ink Events, was extremely rude, arrogant, unprofessional and incorrigible throughout the planning process.
Earlier today, she called out her wedding planner via a social media post, writing; “Thank God for the amazing people in my life who held me down and kept me happy through it all”
“Finally, I can just relax!! Thank God for a successful wedding. Wedding plans can be stressful, sadly, I also crossed paths with an extremely rude, inexperienced, arrogant and incorrigible planner, she had no idea on how to plan an entire wedding.”
“She is definitionl unprofessional. I was in awe at her lack of unprofessionalism and respect for her clients, she brought her personal attributes to work and it was a total turn off.”
“Kindly note that Diamondinkeventsdesign deserves no credit. I give credit to whom credit is due”.

In a new rant posted this evening, Iheoma wrote:
“VIP guest phones were getting missing, their champanges, money, were all getting stolen”.
“Mint sellers where in the hall!! How?? Did they let that happen! When I spoke to her about it at the wedding, obviously furious, she turned her head and looked the other way and never tried to handle the situation”.
“My bridesmaid said she saw the body guard being bribed by an uninvited guest to enter the wedding?”
“My friend was begging for drinks and they told her it was finished? lol meanwhile loads of drinks where still outside. Certain dishes I paid for I didn’t see. These so called premium vendors she hired are unbelievable too.”

“My husband hip flask was stolen from the chair that we were sitted on while dancing. This was a wedding that was meant to be strictly by invite! From what I saw the deco wasn’t worth what I paid for but yet she was rude to me and even blocked and stopped talking to me three weeks to my wedding.”
“I am beyond disappointed. She bragged so much and stressed me and I still didn’t get value for the millions of naira paid. If I don’t speak she will continue to disappoint brides.”
“Denike balogun from my experience with you, you’re not fit to run an event planning business”

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