For a lot of pregnant women, the period seems to be a time when most are too tired or too busy to be bothered with fashion – this, we can safely say, is not the case of celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji.
The media mogul, ever since she announced the news of her pregnancy, has continued to serve some serious fashion goals.
These are 7 overly stunning pregnancy photos of Linda Ikeji’s stylish looks that proves the celebrity blogger sure knows how to look good.

1. Rocking that bump like a boss lady that she is.

media mogul Linda Ikeji

2 A jumpsuit has never looked this good on a pregnant lady, or has it?

3. Nothing serious, just keeping it casual… and slaying while at it!

media mogul Linda Ikeji

4. That moment when you realize how cute it will be when your baby throws up in a Bentley.

5. No seriously, how can you not see how hot she is in this dress… are you kidding?!

6. That bright smile that matches the brightness of being on the family way

7. Excuse me… did you say something? Yeah you did! This figure hugging dress is the bomb! #Ikr

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