The ancient town of Oyo Kingdom witnessed a beehive of activities on Saturday July 22, 2018 when Princess Rukayat Adeteju Adeyemi, daughter of the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, wedded her lover, Hakeem Folarin Adesina.

Not devoid of royalty in every aspect, the royal wedding rocked the ancient town as dignitaries thronged the palace.
The traditional engagement ceremony kicked off with a purple themed ceremony and the princess wowed with her attire.
The royal family was not to be shoved aside as they displayed wealth and class.

With the trappings of royalty, the event took another phase with a Nikkai ceremony which culminated in a grand reception.
However, new photos from the wedding have shown that the other wives of the Alaafin weren’t too pleased with the wedding.

Their facial expressions in the photos have parked an online reaction with many wondering why the wives didn’t seem pleased with the ceremony.

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