Six months old Baby Chanco is fast becoming an internet sensation and it’s all because of her incredible hair!
At just half-a-year-old, Baby Chanco boasts of an impressive 100,000 Instagram followers as at the time of writing, and the number keeps going up!
It’s no doubt that most parent feel their child(ren) have something that sets them apart from the crowd, Chanco’s mum and dad are clear winners.
Their lovely daughter girl was born in December 2017 in Japan and her Instagram page has ‘hair diary’ written in the bio.
It’s quite lovely that they have decided to track their daughter’s amazing hair on social media for many to follow because the pictures are too cute!

Because of hormones, some babies are born with plenty of hair, only to lose it in the following weeks. Chanco’s hair may not be lost, but its texture and color could change as she grows.
There are only 46 posts on the page so far but the pictures often get well over 10,000 likes and hundreds of comments from admirers all over the world.
Checkout em out below,

Six-months-old baby breaks internet
Six-months-old baby breaks internet

Photo credits: Baby Chanco’s Instagram

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