We have been seeing lots of Nigerian couples get creative for their pre-wedding pictures. We have seen the couples pick out exotic spots, natural environments and traditional scenes for their pre-wedding photoshoot.
We have seen the couples whose love for water could not be hidden even as they prepared for this life long journey.
Now we would be looking at the funny and weird pre-wedding pictures of some Nigerian couple.
It is understandable that these couples want to have something unique; pictures you will consider totally different from what we are used to. However, some of the pictures came out funny.
Check out some of the funny pre-wedding pictures we were able to put together:
1. The upside down couple

Well, what can we say? This couple still look adorable in their playful mood.
2. The stingy groom…
lol For better for worse, for richer for poorer.
The expression on the groom’s face said it all.
3.4. The toilet couple

Love is about sharing they say; this couple sharing a moment like this is definitely funny. You can give this a trial by doing so too for your pre-wedding picture.

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