Nigerian hairstyles for ladiesNigerian hairstyles have always been very stylish as Nigerian ladies are one of the most fashionable in Africa. Nigerian hairstyles for ladies include numerous different variation, however, braid hairstyles are still the most popular.
African hairstyles, especially, braids have always been wide-spread. It has gained popularity, not only among the modern fashionable young people but also among adults. As popularity was growing so fast, there appeared more options for hair braid styles. Let’s look at some of the most popular types of African braids and marvel of the miracle hair.

Top Nigerian Weaving styles

Classic African braids

1. Classic African braids

Classic African braids have a lot of small braids weaved by hand. Their number depends on the wishes of the client, but basically, there are 100-250 braids. The thinner they are braided, the higher the class of hairstyle is and the longer it can be worn.

African braids are styling for 3-6 hours, it all depends on the length of hair and number of braids, well, the skills of a stylist are important here and too.
Nigerian braids
There are a lot of techniques and ways to weave African braids styling. African braids – is a type of hairstyle in which you can experiment with color and hair length. If you have short hair, you can easily become the owner of a luxury long hair, a blonde woman could become a brunette, and vice versa. One hair can be combined with about 5 different color options as natural hues and vivid saturated colors of the rainbow.

The main requirement for weaving African braids: the natural hair length should be at least 5-6 cm.
If you are the owner of luxurious hair, you can get braids only using your natural hair.
If you are not, by means of interweaving strands of artificial hair you get the desired length of your new hairstyle.
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2. Zizi

Zizi hairstyles
Zizi is one of the options quickly weaving. Zizi – a ready material, which is a thin braid with a diameter of 3 mm and a standard length of 80 cm. It is woven into the natural hair. If you want to have this hairstyle, your hair length should not exceed 20 centimeters, because of this it will be easier to make braids, and hairstyle will be more sturdy and durable. Longer hair will have to prune or select another more suitable option for your braid length.
Hairstyle Zizi is braided during about 2-4 hours. It all depends on the length of your natural hair.
This hairstyle will make you happy for about 2-4 months.
Zizi can be:
  • straight
  • curly
  • spiraling
  • gofre
Again, it all depends on your desires and the chosen material.

3. Ponytail

ponytail braids
Pony Tail differs from conventional African braids only because at the end each braid has a small pigtail, and they are not lagging from kanekalon, but an artificial material ‘Pony’. At the end of this material, there is a small pigtail, which eventually will be the completion of each braid. The length and the degree of curling of the final curl can be according to your wishes. The length of the hairstyles is about 20-25 cm. The classical braiding has three strands.
By the time this hairstyle will take you 5-8 hours, it depends on the chosen length.

4. Gofre

Gofre hairstyle
This hairstyle was one of the most popular a few years ago. Gofre, as well as Zizi, refers to fast weaving hairstyles. To weave it, you should better have a short haircut – the length should not exceed 25 cm. If the natural hair will be longer than the required length, hairstyle loses its scope and effectiveness. To create this hairstyle use corrugated kanekalon, this material can be of the different size of the curl. Corrugated kanekalon is fixed to the natural hair using the ordinary braids. The desired length of it is 5-6 cm.
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Braiding time is up to 4 hours. You can wear for 2-3 months.
5. Curly
curly braiding
Kanekalon is also used for this hairstyle. In this hairstyle the braid is 5-10 cm long, there are voluminous curls from kanekalona in continuing. This hairstyle is rather complicated, since during the first week all locks must be lubricated several times a day with a special oil for fixing, and subsequently after each shampooing. For this hairstyle, you need 10 cm hair length.
Weaving time is 2-4 hours; it is worn not more than during 2 months.

6. Senegalese braids

Senegalese braids
This hairstyle has odd kind of braiding, as a braid is composed not of three strands, but only of two. Two strands, each of which is twisted in one direction, are intertwined in the opposite end and fixed. The result is a kind of wisp.
This hairstyle takes at least 5 hours.

7. Thai braids

hair braids
Thai braided pigtails need only natural hair, fixed at the end with the colored bands. This hairstyle is perfect for the owners of long, thick hair. These braids can be combined with braids. This hairstyle is often seen on children, making the braids not very thin, that it would not be difficult to untwist them. This hairstyle should not be too long.
The hairstyle takes 3-4 hours.

8. French braids

French braids
This type of braiding comes close to the scalp. The braids can be made in any direction in the form of a variety of patterns. This hairstyle is woven from both of natural hair, the length of which should be 10 cm, and with the addition of kanekalon. Adding kanekalon braids get additional volume, and they last longer. On average haircut consists of 14-15 braids. French braids are both made for women and men. It is convenient for sports and dancing. Braids made of natural hair are worn about 1.5 weeks if braids are made with the use of kanekalonom, it will significantly increase their service life up to 1.5 months.
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The hairstyle takes 40 minutes.

Hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyles for short hair

1. Bob

Bob is one of the smartest ideas for girls with short hair. It looks good in any color and you can always make any braids you want. Isn’t it cool?

2. Short shaggy hairstyles

Short shaggy hairstyles

Shaggy hair looks gorgeous and very easy to style, especially if you are very busy and often do not have enough time for getting ready in the morning. So this look may become an inspiration for you. Short shaggy hairstyle suits well for the ladies with an oval face.

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